Use this endpoint to link important sales information to an organization. This will help you identify in Orbit which organizations are customers.

By adding this information you can unlock the ability to:

  • Understand which Organizations are customers (or other lifecycle stage), and which community members work for those customers.
  • See the date they became a customer, and what community engagement came before that point.
  • Identify which colleague is the account owner for that customer, so you can offer additional support in the deal process.
  • Create a direct link between an Organization profile and the associated profile in your CRM for easy access.

Organizations that are updated to a lifecycle stage of customer will have a customer badge (identified by a special 'C' check mark) that is displayed next to their name in Orbit. If in the lifecycle stages, your CRM uses a word other than "customer", replace it with the word "customer" when sending data into Orbit in order to see the customer badge on their Orbit profile.

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