Orbit Postman Workspace

To help you get up and running with using our API with Postman, we've created a public collection that you can fork and work with right away.

Find it on the Orbit Postman Workspace.

If you would rather import the API definition for yourself, you can follow the steps outlined below.

Importing to Postman

To import the a downloaded Swagger definition to Postman, first, click on the "Import" button in the app.

You can download the Swagger definition from the following URL: https://app.orbit.love/api-docs/v1/swagger.json


Postman will ask you from where you would like to import the file. You can click on the "Choose Files" button or directly drag the file over the gray shaded box.


At this point, the Orbit Postman collection will be visible in your Postman app and you can begin building and testing out API calls with it.