Every activity has exactly one activity type. Think of the activity type as a schema for each activity that controls how it is displayed and other metadata about it. Orbit supports a handful of types scoped to your workspace that you can see by calling the /:workspace_id/activity_types endpoint.

Activity Type properties

  "id": "ZmsBAQ",
  "type": "activity_type",
  "attributes": {
    "source": "github",
    "key": "issues:opened",
    "name": "Opened an issue",
    "short_name": "Issue opened",
    "weight": "1.0"
sourcestringThe source of the activity type, e.g. github, twitter,
discourse, etc.
keystringThe key that will be used by APIs to refer to this activity type. Must be unique.
namestringThe full name of the activity type.
short_namestringA short name describing the activity type, for use in charts, for example.
weightfloatThe weight score of the activity.