Members are the people in the community. Members have attributes like name, company, location, tags, and more. Each member is associated with many activities and many identities.

Members properties

  "id": "48986",
  "type": "member",
  "attributes": {
    "activities_count": 299,
    "avatar_url": "",
    "bio": "Co-founder & CTO @OrbitModel - we're hiring! · advocate for dev advocates 🥑 · Rails · JAMstack · DevRel · he/him · #BlackLivesMatter",
    "birthday": "September 12",
    "company": "@orbit-love",
    "created_at": "2020-04-21T14:43:54.266Z",
    "deleted_at": null,
    "first_activity_occurred_at": "2011-03-14T19:04:59.000Z",
    "id": 48986,
    "last_activity_occurred_at": "2020-10-11T18:52:47.000Z",
    "location": "Paris, France",
    "name": "Josh Dzielak",
    "orbit_level": 1,
    "pronouns": "He/him",
    "reach": 8,
    "shipping_address": "1 Champs-Élysée; Paris, France 75001",
    "slug": "dzello",
    "source": "api",
    "tag_list": [
    "teammate": true,
    "tshirt": "M",
    "updated_at": "2020-10-22T16:15:09.572Z",
    "url": "",
    "web_url": "",
    "twitter": "dzello",
    "github": "dzello",
    "discourse": null,
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "devto": "dzello",
    "linkedin": "in/dzello",
    "love": 13.886322317666968
  "relationships": {
    "identities": {
      "data": [
          "id": "149721",
          "type": "email_identity"
          "id": "173894",
          "type": "twitter_identity"
          "id": "376",
          "type": "github_identity"
          "id": "608267",
          "type": "devto_identity"
          "id": "609227",
          "type": "linkedin_identity"
activities_countstringThe number of activities the member did in the workspace.
avatar_urlstringThe URL of the member’s avatar.
biodatetimeThe member’s bio.
birthdaystringThe member’s birthday, e.g. August 1
companystringThe member’s company
created_atdatetimeThe date and time at which the post was created in Orbit.
deleted_atdatetimeThe date and time at which the member’s was deleted, null otherwise.
first_activity_occurred_atdatetimeThe date and time at which the member’s first activity occurred.
last_activity_occurred_atdatetimeThe date and time at which the member’s most recent activity occurred.
locationstringThe member’s location. That field is not normalized and reflects what can be found in the member’s identities.
namestringThe member’s name
orbit_levelintegerThe member’s orbit level
pronounsstringThe member’s pronouns
reachintegerThe member’s reach, on a scale of 1–10. null if not available.
shipping_addressstringThe member’s shipping address.
slugstringThe member’s slug in the Orbit app.
sourcestringThe initial source of the member, e.g. api, web, installation
tag_liststring[]A list of the member’s tags.
teammatebooleanWhether the member is a teammate.
tshirtstringThe member’s tshirt size
updated_atdatetimeThe date and time at which the member was last updated.
urlstringThe URL listed by the member in one of their profiles. Can be for example their personal website or portfolio.
web_urlstringThe URL of the member inside Orbit.
twitterstringThe member’s Twitter username, if available. null otherwise.
githubstringThe member’s GitHub username, if available. null otherwise.
discoursestringThe member’s Discourse username, if available. null otherwise.
emailstringThe member’s email, if available. null otherwise.
devtostringThe member’s DevTo username, if available. null otherwise.
linkedinstringThe member’s LinkedIn username, if available. null otherwise.
lovefloatThe member’s love.